Results and Rankings

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Average error
SP_intra_challenge [1] 1.568 Visualize Results
Convex-Opt [2] 4.86 Visualize Results
CHARM [3] 15.157 Visualize Results
FMNet [4] 2.436 Visualize Results
3D-CODED : 3D Correspondences by Deep Deformation [5] 1.985 Visualize Results
S. Zuffi, M. J. Black, "The Stitched Puppet: A Graphical Model of 3D Human Shape and Pose", CVPR, Boston, MA, June 2015.
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"Deep functional maps: Structured prediction for dense shape correspondence". Litany, Remez, Rodola, Bronstein, Bronstein. Proc. ICCV 2017
3D-CODED : 3D Correspondences by Deep Deformation
3D-CODED : 3D Correspondences by Deep Deformation, Groueix, Thibault and Fisher, Matthew and Kim, Vladimir G. and Russell, Bryan and Aubry, Mathieu, ECCV 2018.